Winter in New Zealand

Overseas doctors considering New Zealand should know that winter is a fabulous time to explore the ‘land of the long white cloud’. June, July and A...

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Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment - Luke

In this instalment of our ‘behind the scenes’ series, we would like to introduce you to someone who brings a wealth of medical recruitment expertis...

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What are the Benefits of Locum Doctors Working with Ochre Recruitment in Australia?

As a doctor living in Australia, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an experienced, reputable medical recruitment company? I...

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Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment - Anna

​They say the deepest rivers flow with the least sound. And, if you were to imagine that rivers were people, then without a doubt New Zealand Ochre...

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Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment - Ally

There are some folk who just love the conversational dances and adventures that occur when people connect. There are others whose love of their wor...

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Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment - Emily

​There are a multitude of challenges associated with being at the centre of a small team and Emily Kraakman thoroughly enjoys them all. Her role as...

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Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment

This year we thought we’d offer some ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses of Ochre Recruitment. Corporate organisations are often screened off behind gloss...

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Doctor's Health & Wellbeing

Medicine can be a super tough gig. Doctors know very well that there are particular challenges and stresses unique to the business of keeping human...

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Christmas Down Under

Snowflakes drift across a winter wonderland while loved ones snuggle up inside beside a crackling log fire, steaming eggnog clasped in their hands ...

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Where to Find New Zealand's Native Birds

When Captain James Cook sailed along New Zealand’s coastline in 1769 he wrote that the noise of birdsong was ‘deafening’. Indeed, in the millions o...

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Scenic Adventures in Manawatu / Wanganui

Taking up a wide swathe near the bottom of the North Island, the Manawatu-Wanganui region encompasses stunning landscapes and breath-taking natural...

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Clinical and Practice Management Sytems

Across Australia there are a range of clinical and practice management systems in use in general practices and hospitals. These digital management ...