Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment

Posted 8 months ago by Ochre Recruitment

Behind the Scenes at Ochre Recruitment

This year we thought we’d offer some ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses of Ochre Recruitment. Corporate organisations are often screened off behind glossy images and careful marketing, but we would like push that aside and let you know a little more about our people; from the ones who make the big decisions, to the consultants who take your calls. We want to do away with the smoke and mirrors (not that we had much of that to begin with) and show you more of what makes us tick.


For the most part, an organisation tends to echo the values and ethos of its leaders. And this is true for us too. We are fortunate to have someone at the helm whose ideals align with those of our company. Ochre Recruitment’s General Manager Malcolm Reeve joined as Operations Manager in 2011 and has been in his current role for close to a year. A well-travelled Tasmanian, Malcolm is a thoroughly personable, genuine and engaging leader. He highly values principles which encompass authenticity, reliability, a ‘can-do’ attitude, community and accountability – and it is these qualities that he both inspires and appreciates in his staff.

Having worked for several large corporations before Ochre Recruitment, Malcolm appreciates the flexibility and agility that Ochre has in being a mid-size company and regards it as one of the reasons for Ochre’s industry success. Open-minded and experienced in change management, Malcolm knows that our size can enable change to occur quite quickly if necessary and that individual team members all have the potential to effect and influence change. Given this, it’s important to him that each member of his team feels empowered, listened to and valued. His inclusive approach pays dividends in workplace culture and productivity and is also reflected in Ochre Recruitment’s high rates of staff retention.

A conscious effort is made by Malcolm to keep interactions with team members intentional, genuine and authentic. His team, based across Hobart, Sydney and Wellington is guided by his belief in delivering quality service, with priority given to client care and rapport building. A strong focus is placed on developing long-term client relationships by establishing an atmosphere of honesty and trust. In a way that echoes Malcolm’s own outlook, candidate support built upon transparency, authenticity and reliability will always be key at Ochre Recruitment.

Neatly augmenting his role as General Manager, earlier this year Malcolm was chosen to partake in the Tasmanian Leader’s Program.  Nearing completion now, Malcolm has found that the course, although requiring considerable commitment, served to enhance his learning both personally and professionally. Through it he has acquired an adaptive leadership approach as well as gaining a renewed confidence in the importance of ‘generalisable skills’. He has a renewed framework for leadership as a guiding of the way forward, rather than delineating the way things should be done without exception or variation. The program also bolstered Malcolm’s conviction in the value of lateral thinking, creative solutions and the idea that solutions to organisational issues can come from any team member.

This year Malcolm is looking forward to amalgamating much of his learning from the program to further enhance his effective leadership of Ochre Recruitment. Away from the office Malcolm enjoys travel, music, a range of outdoor sports, and most of all, relaxing with his beautiful wife and two girls.